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JD Race and Restoration is dedicated to binging you great product and customer service when it comes to GM Rear Differentials. Our website offers free message boards, and differential ID information.


Forums are active again. Please use this link to get there for now. - 12:18pm 08/10/15


August 10th 2015 10:29 AM EST - Message Boards still down.

We are back!!! We aplogize for any and all inconviences that our server outtage may have caused. Our Email and Forum/Message Boards are currently still out of order. We are working hard get this problem resolved. As soon as we do there will be a mass email sent out to all forum members. Thank you for your patience.

-Allan Mitschke


Feburary 8th 2015 09:57 PM EST

Updates will be scheduled to the forums soon. Please be on the lookout for planned downtime. We apprecieate your patience while we make better for you.